Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: High Waisted Shorts

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•Studs (option)
•Glue gun
1.Basically what you'll need to do first is too run down
To your favorite THRIFT STORE.
2. Now just don't buy any High waisted vintage pant.
3.Make sure the fit your waiste Just right.
4.It's basically easy just cut them to how short you'd like
NOTE: For more of a detailed look run down to the nearest
(Michaels Store) Prepare to bust out a HOT GLUE GUN
Studs are great i personally think
Your shorts will turn out more rad! pair them
With a pair of LITAS & wala your good too go.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Metalic tones

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H&M this seasons lookbook has
Metalic colors bright hues.
Perfect for this spring. loving the
Metalic vibe & tones

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Travel w/ style

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Model: Patrycja / Photographer: Justin Hollar / Stylist: Marina Muñoz
What better way to go travelling than to do it in style with comfortable and easy layering?
Travel with style from the airport to your desired destination.
You can still travel comfy yet like a fashionista!
Its still a bit chilly out there even though it's still
Spring time.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

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The Lita By Jeffrey campbell are a must have you can
Create a stylish look w/ these heels! They come in
So many colors and themes! Create a fun and stylish look
W/ a pair of LITAS! Must have in your closet girls (:
Comment if you love jeffrey campbell shoes <3
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This spring don't pack on too much make-up
Keep it simple girls! (:

Must have boots

Dr Marten 1460 Cherry Red Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm diggin the Dr.Martens! I think there a great shoe
To have because you can complete a look with these
Boots. For example wear a trendy outfit add these
And they'll make your look cool yup there a must have in
My close atleast (:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring pastel trend

revel guest post by merci new yor Pictures, Images and Photos

Pastel trend is HOT right now this spring!
You can rock your look w/ simple jeans
And a pastel shirt or however you would like
To (: